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„Music Show, Dinner, Ship Cruise or a cultural trip in Budapest"

Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Sirs!

Please let us introduce you our renewed services, buffet menu, prices and ticket categories of the OPERETTASHIP - MUSIC SHIP program.

The Operettaship Ensemble founded by outstanding singers, instrumental soloists and dancers of the Hungarian National Operahouse provides for cultural entertainment of high standard also this year, after nearly one and a half decades operating Operettaship-Show-Series with more than 1500 successful international performances. In our unique performances can our guests be delighted with popular opera, operetta and musical hits, Italian and Spanish songs (performed in original languages), marvellous instrumental solos as well as classical and folklore dances, as well as Palotash, Wiener Waltz, Step, Flamenco or Belly dance performed in beautiful costumes. Our guests have the possibility enjoy this unforgetable experience OPERETTASHIP-SHOW during a candlelit buffet dinner with a renewed offer admiring the lit up Panorama of the Hungarian capital Budapest. About musical curiosities as well as history of the UNESCO CULTURAL HERITAGE buildings know you more after the guiding in English, Hungarian and German in the two breaks.

We have the possibility to organise the show or another ship cruise with program at any time after your wish especially for your groups at fair conditions.

For groups and regular partners we can grant special discount!

Please place the Operettaship - Music Ship Programms in your package tours and offers!

We arrange stylish entertaining programmes for any outstanding private or company occasions.

In our shows perform outstanding artists of Hungary. We arrange the programme by your request with violin, orchestra, ensemble or gipsy band accompaniment.

Operetta Ship -

Serving the Hungarian and the International Cultural Tourism for 15 years

We would like to invite you for one of the Operetta Ship events throughout our 15th anniversary season starting from 4th of April, 2014, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 20:00 pm till 22:00 pm. According to our tradition the performer will be the ensemble of the Operetta Ship which consists professional leading and young artists from the Hungarian entertainer world and the Hungarian State Opera House. The program of the Operetta Ship is unique even in Europe. Our unforgettable show includes not only popular operas, operettas, Italian and Spanish songs in their original languages, but musicals, brilliant instrumental solos, Hungarian folk, classical, step, and belly dance performed in traditional costumes as well. Throughout this 2 hours cruising, the beautiful night panorama of Budapest will create an excellent atmosphere and serve as an attractive background. In addition during the breaks we provide first class Swedish buffet dinner and historical sightseeing with audio guiding in English, German and Hungarian.

Some titles among the programmes:

  • Operetta show
  • József Katona - Ferenc Erkel: Bánk bán
  • W.A. Mozart: Wonderflute

Our performing artists / Operettaship Ensemble:

Kata Mérai, Rita Balázs, Zoltán Bátki Fazekas, Márta Fers, Viktória Harkai, Judit Korényi, Anna Pánti, Éva Paul, Anikó Pekarik, Andrea Pozsár, Bea Szolga, Krisztina Sztreda, Henrietta Rumbach, Katalin Szűcs, Béla Turpinszky, Boglárka Udvarhelyi, Tímea Meskó, László Berthoty, János Csányi, László Csányi, Bai Lao, János Martin, László Németh, Piroska Mádi, László Tímár, László Varga, Tímea Balogh, Diana Juhász, Ákos Ambrus, Csilla Tóth, András Káldi Kiss, Kata Klingler, Maya Székely, Tivadar Kiss, Zoltán Román, Xénia Varga

Musical director:

Éva Paul

Editing director:

László Csányi

"We enjoyed the evening very much. Good food and wonderful entertainment and the beautiful city, truly memorable evening.Thank you! The Jureks from Chicago"


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