You can choose from the favourite melodies of Ferenc Lehár, Imre Kálmán, Johann Strauss and we favour you also with a glass of Champagne and the VIP category includes a glass of wine or soft drink as wel.

Operettaship - Music Ship Menu 2016


  1. glass of champagne – welcome drink

          The VIP category includes a glass of wine or soft drink as well

Salads, cold vegetarian meals: 

  • Fresh mixed leaves with homemade balsamic vinegar
  • Greek salad with in Pesto marinated Feta
  • Pickeled potato salad with a hint of chives

Cold starters:

  • Variation of with vegetables stuffed fish-rolls
  • Hungarian savoury platter
  • Cheese selection

Soups, hot vegetarian meals:

         “Palóc” soup, or

         Cold season fruit soup with fresh mint

Hot meals:

  • Confit of Pork with gravy and with garlic and rosemary flavoured steak potatoes
  • Turkey stew in paprika sauce with butter-noodles
  • Beef stew with vegetables flavoured with red wine, served with jasmine rice

Side dishes, hot vegetarian meals:

                      Spicy potato steak

                     Grilled vegetables with herbs

Desserts, after-meals:

                      Season fresh fruit  

                     „Somlói Galuska” topped with chocolate cream and whipped cream

                     Dessert of the day

The rights for changing the menu are reserved!

"Greetings from Norway! Thanks for the fantastic boat-trip, delicious food and unforgettable entertainment. Hege Slutemeas"